Juan Carlos Gutiérrez


About Juan Carlos Gutiérrez


Inspired and seduced by the magic of Barcelona's Mediterranean Sea, Juan Carlos Gutiérrez, industrial designer specialised in jewellery crafting, develops his own creations producing unique limited-edition pieces 100% handmade.


JCG offers trendy pieces of jewellery, made in fine coats of mail using his brother's (Sergio Gutiérrez) propietary technique 'Liquid Metal' which intend to faithfully immortalize emotions and memories. Pieces that, most importantly, have mysterious ways of enhancing the desire of seduction, pieces that communicate from the top of the skin.


Today, Juan Carlos Gutiérrez has managed to introduce his artwork throughout design and fashion shops all around Spain, constantly expanding his clientele both nationally and internationally. By his side, his wife Fressia (right hand and muse) accompanies him to several fashion and craftwork fairs around Spain and Europe.